Converted Scorpio 2009 to 2019 - The Tarzan Project?

 Modification of cars is one of the most popular activities performed in India. People even buy a base variant of cars and get it modified to the top model aftermarket for a minimal cost. But have you ever heard of converting a 2009 model car to a 2019 version? Yes, you read it right, here we have a video of converting of 2009 Scorpio to the latest 2019 Scorpio S10 trim. The work has been done by Bharat Motors, Ahemdabad.

The Scorpio before restoration was in a very pathetic condition. The interior was torn out. The exterior body was also damaged, the front bumper was also missing. The door panels were also broken. 

Video of the transformation of Scorpio from 2009 model to 2020 model-

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The video was uploaded by Bharat motors on their youtube channel. The video shows the complete restoration process of the car. Firstly they changed the boot gate of the car and also installed the side claddings on the door. The main challenge in the transformation was the cross member, which was different in both the models, so they cut the old cross member and welded the new one.

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Then they changed the bonnet lock mechanism. Fitted the latest model headlights and then the car was sent to the paint shop. After that, they also restored the interior in a combination of tan and white color which matched with the seat covers. Then android studio and ambient lighting were also installed. The total cost of this transformation was rs 1,50,000.

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