Fuel On Call - Home delivery of fuel in India?

How do you guys refuel your car? Your answer might be by going to the nearby fuel station. what if I say you can now call the fuel pump at your home and get the convenience of refueling your car at your home.
Yes, you read it right now you can use Bharat Petroleum's "Fuel on Call" service to refuel your car at home. 

Here we have a video of a youtube vlogger who used the "Fuel On Call" service to get his Kia Seltos refueled at home. The video contains his overall experience and complete process of the fuel home delivery service provided by Bharat Petroleum.

This video is uploaded by youtube vlogger Arun Panwar. in the starting of the video, he showed the instrument cluster of his Kia Seltos which was showing a range of  34 km as he has returned from a trip. As the street of his home was not so wide to park two vehicles side by side he called the service to a nearby location. The vehicle which came to refuel his car had the proper equipment that is available at Fuel stations. 

The price of fuel was the same as at stations. The service guy told that this service focuses mainly on villages to help farmers to get fuel easily. If you want this service in the city you need to get a minimum of a thousand litres of fuel. Till now the service only delivers diesel. They accept all the modes of payment. 

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