Toyota Urban Cruiser - Is The Rebaged Brezza Better?

 After the partnership of Toyota with Maruti Suzuki in India, Toyota is launching rebadged Maruti cars in India. Firstly Toyota launched the Glanza which is a rebadged Maruti Baleno but there is almost no difference between the two cars except the Logo, warranty period, and obviously the pricing. Similarly, the Urban Cruiser is the rebadged version of the most popular compact SUV the Vitara Brezza. But will the Urban Cruiser help Toyota to gain more sales in the chart find it out below?

                      image source - Autocar India

The Urban Cruiser is Toyota's second rebadged Maruti Suzuki car in the Indian market after Glanza which does not receive much response from Indian car buyers which was expected by Toyota. Unlike the Glanza, Urban Cruiser has some differences from its parent car Brezza. 

If you see both the cars standing side by side you can still differentiate the Cruiser by its Front grille, front bumper, and also the interior color of the Cruiser is different from the Brezza. There is also a difference between the warranty for both cars. Where Brezza comes with the 2 years or 40,000 km warranty, Toyota being Toyota know for its reliability gives 3 years or 1 lakh km warranty but still, both the cars are manufactured by Maruti.

What is Different in Cars?

unlike Glanza, Urban Cruiser is different from the Brezza. Cruiser gets a twin-slat grille that visually links to the bigger Toyota SUVs, especially the Fortuner as stated by Toyota, and a revised front bumper is also one of the bigger differences between both the cars. else wise both the cars are the same in terms of exteriors.

The changes in the interior are very less, except for the change of cabin color from Black to Coffee brown and the Toyota badge on the steering there is no difference in both the cars.

Is Urban Cruiser Better?

Keeping in mind the pricing, If you want a car that is better promising, have greater resale value, and fresh looking then the Urban Cruiser is a good option. But if features are your topmost priority then the rivals provide better features than both Cruiser and the Brezza at cheaper prices.


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