Verna 2018 SX(0) converted to facelift in just 1lakhs

 We are back with one more conversion of a car to the latest model. But this time the car is very special and close to heart of many of us. Yes, it is the Hyundai Verna. 

Aftermarket Modifications in the cars are very popular in India as it is very cheap as compared to company products. We do not recommend anyone to do any aftermarket modification as it is risky and not safe for your car and can also ruin it's warrenty. But it is very popular, people just risk there safety for some amount of money. But here we have a example of transforming a 2018 verna to 2020 facelift verna. All the fittings done in the car are done by authorised service centre and do not void safety. 

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Video showing the 2018 verna converted to 2020 facelift -

This video is uploaed by YouTube vlogger Arun panwar on his channel. The starting of the video shows the overall look of the final car after all modification. The total modification of the car costed rs 1,14,000.  The fit and finish of the work was perfect and edge to edge. 

The headlights costed about rs 50,000, the main grill costed 10,000 and the chrome costed  8000, foglamps costed 6,500 and the bumper and fender lines made the total cost to 1,14,000. The only thing that didn't matched with the car was it's alloy wheels, which were not changed. But the owner in the video told that they will change the alloys very soon.

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